TRAIL 2000

Trail 2000 is a 110-km-long hiking trail, which starts from Helsinki, and goes through the National Park. The route will cover tons of fun trails in beautiful and peaceful nature.  We will mostly ride on a smooth gravel surface. Still, there will be more technical sections at times and plenty of short steep hills. The route covers nearly 1800 meters of elevation. Previous cycling experience and good stamina are required to fully enjoy this ride. Lunch included. Duration 8-10 hours. Price 500€ for one person. Additional rider 90€.



This 120 km ride features easy paced 25 km warm up on gravel along the beautiful coastline of western Helsinki. Once we leave the urban area we can pick up the pace. The middle part of the ride offers pastoral scenery and winding roads with little traffic. We'll return to the city either on gravel or tarmac according to your preference. Lunch included. Duration 6-8 hours. Price 460€ for one person. Additional rider 90€.



This one is for the road cycling enthusiasts. The 70 km ride begins with an easy ride through the city. The core of the ride is 50 km loop around Sipoonkorpi national park. Roller coaster-like roads offer plenty of physical and technical challenges. We can easily add gravel sections to your East Side ride upon request. Group rides are available in summer Wednesdays. Duration 4-6 hours. Metro connection can be used to skip city ride in case of limited time. Price 370€ for one person. Additional rider 90€.


Short of time or just no legs for a longer ride? Let's cruise through the best spots of Central Park. This ride proves that in Helsinki great gravel adventures are just stone's throw away from the city center. We can stay on gravel throughout the ride or add some road cycling. 650b tires ensure a pleasant ride on both surfaces. Distance 60 kilometers. Duration 4 hours. Price 260€ for one person. Additional rider 90€.