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HEL Stands For Helsinki, CX For Cyclocross,

One more Nordic Gravel Series event to go and we are ready for cyclocross. Summer of riding has prepared you for this. No matter what's your level of fitness, or motive towards cycling, with Helcx cyclocross-series you can extend your season even further and join a merry bunch of cyclists from all backgrounds. Helcx caters for all and what is most important, these events do not require a racing licence!

What is Cyclocross?

Cyclocross For Beginners Vol 1 & 2

Participants prefer cyclocross bikes with 33c wide tires, but that should not hinder you. Gravel bike will work perfectly, as well as a mountain bike. Single-speed bikes are not uncommon either. Some riders use flat pedals. It's all fun and games - do not overthink!

Still doubtful to take part in a "race"? No worries, you can start with Mr Antti Kuitto's Cross School in September. In Anttis tender guidance, you will learn the ropes and become ready to fully enjoy CX. First edition is on 17th of September and the 2nd on 23rd. These events are free and open to everyone.

Check race calendar and get your season card now!! Thanks @mattiouvinen for the pictures.

Good times, strong emotions, waffles and handsome men. That's HELCX!