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Breakaway Premier Garage Roast - The Espresso of your dreams!

With our first coffee well received, we started thinking what could to bring you next. Our previous coffee was a filter style and now our espresso teeth was aching. Only one way to cure that. So once again we called our friend Jani at Artisan coffee to see if he could help us.

Jani had something very special in mind for us. A small batch of magnificent Gesha grown by Lisandro Cardenas in Colombia. They don’t have enough for it to be used at the café but enough for you to get your hands on it. It’s definitely not something that would be served at an Italian mountain top but it’s delicious. It has notes of sugarcane, tangerine and jasmine. 

If you have ever fallen down the coffee rabbit hole and started reading about varieties and such, you will know about Gesha or Geisha as it’s often mislabeled. The Gesha variety originally comes from Ethiopia - as does all other coffee too. Gesha has however stayed very true to what it was like thousands of years ago. You could say it’s the original coffee.

In 2004 it’s demand rose and has stayed high since, once people realized how tasty it can be. Now it gets auctioned at extremely high prices. A kilo of beans can easily cost over two hundred euros.

So wherever you are, we suggest you grab your bike and come by the garage quickly, considering this one won’t be on the shelves for long!