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Best Coffee in Town soon at Breakaway

In 2016 we had an idea for a cafe that could be a hub for local and traveling cyclists. We wanted to create a spot where people could stop for a cup of coffee but also where they could find people and a great bike to ride with on their travels.

How that idea in 2016 then developed was that now we have built a garage right next to the central park where we rent bikes and you can find riding company. But we realized that we are still lacking a very important part of the cycling experience!

A while back we were riding so called "recon-ride" in Strömfors, Loviisa where we will have our 1st event under our Nordic Gravel Series brand. And while usually we have stopped at some roadside gas stations, this time we had prepared coffee and some sandwiches with us. This felt like a much better option than a gas station. There we realized that we had strayed from our original idea and we needed a coffee space too, a place where we could hangout with friends...

We knew the next logical step and we had the right guy for that in mind. Gökhans long time friend, a former finnish track cycling champion, Jani Mikkonen is the founder and roaster of Finland’s best cafe - Artisan cafe. To add to his resume, he is also a three times finnish brewers cup champion. He told us that his initial idea for his café had been something similar to what we had been dreaming of. We knew we could make something great happen. We had already seen it around the world so why not here too.

This week we had the chance to visit their roastery in Pajamäki and while there we tried a few different coffees and aimed to understand a bit about the roasting process. For our first coffee we chose this excellent direct trade coffee by a farmer named Edgard Ramirez from colombia. We felt that Colombia as a home to many great cyclists like Nairo Quintana and Esteban Chaves, would be a great place to start our cycling coffee journey. We were already discussing special batches that might come out later on, so keep an eye out for those.

So once again we are a step closer to the dream. At the moment we do not have a dedicated coffee corner yet, but hopefully we will have one built soon. For the Strömfors Nordic Gravel Series weekend, we will have our 1st coffee patch in roasted beans ready - it will be called Dirty Strömfors!

We are looking forward to having many fantastic cups of coffee with you at the garage and on the trails.