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Pedal BXL & Telenet Superprestige NordzeeCross

Coming back to gray and miserable Finland is usually no big deal for me. However, after incredible, cycling and sun filled weekend in Middelkerke and Brussels i am yet to discover my bearings. Immense Belgian cycling culture and hospitality provided by the locals left us totally flabbergasted.

Beeing a cyclo-cross volunteer leaves you little chances to race. Yet, the reward comes in form of seeing people suffer and rejoice in our HELCX events. In addition we get to go on field trip and organizers are exceptionally accommodating when it comes to getting acquainted with their event. Peter Germonprez and Marcel Velle took us deep in to the world of Belgian and international cyclocross scene. Kermisse at NordzeeCross proved to be quite a party with record crowd. Races were mostly interesting, excluding men's start. MvdP dominated once again. Come on rest you guys, train and ride harder! We want entertainment!

We would like to thank Karl-Heinz Pohl from Pedal BXL fame for taking us to ride in Flanders and showing us some of the best bits of iconic spring classics. Dear reader, do not miss the chance to go ride with Pedal BXL guys if you ever end up in Brussels. Route we rode went through quiet and winding country roads including Muur van Geraardsbergen and Bosberg climbs. We left the Bosberg Stava KOM as it was due to delicious pastry and cold beer at El Faro.