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Mountain Biking Races and Events

Summer is busy when it comes to racing due to short season. We start in April and end in September. Here is preliminary calendar for mountain bikers. Once again, friendly gentlemen at Breakaway are ready to help you with any racing aspirations.

Biggest race is in Tahko and prettiest probably in Syöte. There is absolutely no reason to ignore smaller events since they can be equally fun and possibly little less pricey.

27.4. Mattila MTB MAPX 4.5. Bike Expo, Fiskars 5.5. Lieto XCO (XCO#1) 11.5. Evoc MTB (XCM#1) 18.5. Kuusankoski MTB 25.5. Aulanko MTB 26.5. Korso 96 MTB (XCM#2) 30.5. Teppanala XCO ? 8.6. Valkeakoski XCO (XCO#2) 9.6. Valkeakoski XCM (XCM#3) 15.6. Laajavuori Marathon (XCM#4) 29.6. Tahko MTB 6.7. Köyräri MTB (XCO#3) 7.7. Larsmo MTB (XCO#4) 13.7. Cycli XCO (XCO#5) 14.7. Cycli XCM (XCM#5) 19.7. XCE SM Hyvinkää 21.7. XCO SM/ILM Hyvinkää (XCO#6) 3.8. Syöte MTB 4.8. Vierumäki XCO (XCO#7) 10.8. Jämi 84 10.8. Imatra MTB (XCM#6) 11.8. Finlandia MTB/Baltic Marathon Cup 16.-17.8. Himos Epic MTB 23.-25.8. Saariselkä MTB stages 1.9. Seitsemän veljeksen ajo 1.9. Tähtisadeajot 7.9. Pyssymäki XCM 8.9. Luukki MTB (XCM#7) 14.9. XCM SM Laukaa 15.9. Pirkka MTB (XCM#8)

Please check here for updated calendar.