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Breakaway Does Estonia

We visited Estonia on two weekends in June. Few nights in Tallinn and lot's of riding both in east and west of Tallinn. Strava heatmap helps you to plan your ride. Alternatively you can sign up to Jalgrattad forum and ask locals who are willing to give useful tips. We were lucky to get in touch with Virgo Neeme who runs local cycling club/tour operator Biketravel.ee for Estonian enthusiasts. Virgo has done his homework and can plan you a perfect ride according to your preference. Google maps and Strava have no game in comparison to a local who has ridden these roads and trails for all his life.

At the gates of bliss you will be tested. Knee-deep mud, thirsty mosquito and hungry horseflies. They also make you go otb to see that you are worthy. There is a beautiful forest road taking you from Suurupi to Sorve Tee. Start is rough but once get further it is very much worth it.

Avoid single digit roads that have heavier traffic. Other roads seem to be perfect for riding. Road cycling is fun in Estonia since it is fairly flat. We recommend wider tires so you have more to choose from when taking gravel roads. Ground varied from clay to nearly fist sized rocks. We chose 47c Gravekings that suited both needs.

Check our 100+ km ride west of Tallinn on Strava.

Road & Gravel in Estonia