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Ride with Breakaway

Some good to know tips here so that you can make the most of your bike ride with Breakaway Helsinki.

In case you're new to road cycling or gravel grinding just let us know. We will adjust the bike accordingly and make sure you will have smooth entry to the fantastic world of cycling. Extra comfy saddle and flat pedals are available. We also like to ride slow so do not worry about that either.

Please provide as much information about your current bike set up or preferred position so we can prepare a bicycle for you. Height, inseam or current bike size are useful information to us. Picture of your bike is a good idea too. If you are avid cyclists and have preference how you wish your bike to be set up just let us know. Extra long stem or aero wheelset with road race bike setting? All this can be easily done.

If you are looking to ride with us we would ask you to briefly tell us about your current level of stamina. Some rides are physically demanding regardless how slow we ride and routes can go through remote locations where there are no easy exits in case rider gets overly fatigued. We have guides available for faster cyclists as well but please understand that safety is our main concern and we will not risk your safety by riding too fast. You can send us a link to your Strava or Polar or any other sports app that helps us figure out your level of fitness.

Our staff is committed to follow Breakaway Helsinki safety guidelines. These guidelines will presented to each customers that decides to book guided ride to ensure safe and fun ride.