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Road Cycling Setup for Helsinki

We chose Open Cycles over few other interesting options. These bikes can take both 700c and 27,5" wheels so there was no need to buy bikes for gravel and trail use and yet other bikes for road cycling only. This way we have fairly small fleet that can be used for multiple purposes.

Road cycling setup means longer stem and Mavic 700c wheelset with 32c Gatorskin tires. You might ask why Gatorskin and why so wide for tarmac? Well, we usually start our road rides by going trough central park. It's the best way to skip traffic infested urban areas and get your legs going in beautiful nature. Tarmac roads here can be in pretty rough condition so extra protection is worth few extra grams. And then again, there's always a exciting gravel road waiting around the corner so you might as well come prepared. Real road cycling fun starts once we get to the outskirts of Helsinki.