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Road Cycling in Helsinki

Helsinki is perfect for easy cruising. However, in addition to very vast gravel road network we also have fantastic tarmac roads not too far from the city for some serious road cycling. These roads are usually quiet in terms of traffic and fun to ride due to roller coaster like profile. Even though there are no mountains and no real climbs you can still expect to gain fair amount of elevation during your rides. Average 100 kilometer ride can easily cover about 1000 meters of elevation so it's not flat either.

We have few bigger road cycling events that will take you through the best roads in greater Helsinki area. Giro d`Espoo is biannual road race / sportive. Route covers western parts of greater Helsinki where as Helsinki Velotour takes you to east. Both events are suitable for licensed road racers and cycling loving hobbyists. Cyclists association in Helsinki organizes weekly road cycling rides with various speed groups and for riders with different experience levels. Get in touch with them for additional info through Facebook.

Traffic in Finland is mainly well organized and safe. You can expect cars to notice you and leave a gap in between while passing. There are lot bike lanes that cyclists are supposed to use but if you feel unsafe you can always go on the roadway. We prefer road especially when riding faster. Bike lanes are often used by pedestrians and slower cyclists that are not expecting you to go by at 25+ km/h. Always use hand signals and go with a traffic flow rather than trying to beat that KOM in a busy urban area.

City center is about twenty kilometers ride away from the sweet roads. We prefer to ride through Central Park of Helsinki to avoid traffic lights and stress. Alternatively you can upload gpx-file to your cycling computer to help you escape the urban areas. Metro to east is also good way to get direct access to road cycling Shangri-La.