• Breakaway cc

Whats behind our slogan ”Long Road to Ruin”?

Obviously nothing and then everything!

It’s whatever you want to put behind it, but that said it also gives you a lots of freedom and lots of to think about while riding in a group or alone.

So if you wanted to know, we ended up to this slogan due to couple of things...

... Its a great song by Foo Fighters! Check it out 👉 Long Road to Ruin

... This song gave us an idea of mustaches and via link to Movember to the prostata cancer. So decided to support cancer research by pledging 1% of guided tour rides revenues to the research organization.

... Obviously if considering taking breakaway from the peloton, it might turn out to a one very long road to ruin your ride - so be careful!

... And obviously its different than Road to Nowhere that is somewhat used slogan in cycling too. Now we have our own road related and song related slogan to use. And it has far more meaning than others we think.

So, ride with us, do good with us by supporting prostata cancer research and finally receive your own like in the pictures with slogan and mustaches printed into it. There it is then to remind you and hopefully get some other meanings.

What does "Long Road to Ruin" mean to you? Lets us know!