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Scuba Dive Introduction
If you are looking for exotic places to visit on your vacation, you may want to see the mysterious underwater places. With the help of professional divers and top-of-the-line equipments, you can explore the magnificent scenes of the underwater world. From coral reefs, fishes and colourful varieties of sea creatures, you can truly enjoy the experience of diving adventure. Many people find enjoyment in seeing what others do not usually see. Being able to witness the different flora and fauna an average person can only see through the books can be an adventurous recreational activity to enjoy with your family and friends.
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Cave Diving
Scuba diving is a real joy for the people who like to lead extreme and interesting lifestyle full of fearful and dangerous moments. Scuba diving has gained a great deal of popularity in recent years, but not many people are aware of the secrets of scuba diving.
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Open Brain Coral
It is not the intention of Breakaway to make you an expert in underwater scuba diving or in communications, with-in these pages. We only hope to improve and broaden your underwater skills.
Each diver should himself make the activity safe and secure. The combination of fitness, serious attitude towards the procedure, self-reliance, diving tricks as well as experience and equipment will be the insurer of safe scuba diving.
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The Dragon Moray Eel
One of the most visually striking creatures on the reef. Although their body markings seem to be gaudy, the color patterns are perfect camouflage as the eels poise motionless among the bumpy textures of the reef. The camouflage markings continue inside their open mouths as they lay in ambush.
There are several choices when it comes to places to go diving. Whether you are a professional or for just an amateur, there are different options you may want to select as your diving site. Most people take an interest in going to tropical coral reefs, where the area is surrounded by beautifully coloured corals and sea creatures. You may want to try out alternative spots such as lakes and rivers for a very different underwater adventure. Make sure that professionals are available to guide you so that you can effectively avoid accidents. Aside from the safety aspects, knowing the right places to dive and proper use of equipment also requires the help of diving experts.
Will I be able to swim in the Sea?
Sea temperature is an important factor if you are planning to splash about on the beach. As a rule the sea is generally warmer towards the end of the summer season and most holiday makers find 20-25° is a comfortable temperature. is a excellent round-up of the world's waters, complete with current, average and recent temperatures.
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