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Day and Time matter when booking online
If you're booking Airfare online, it does matters what day of the week or what time of day you book tickets. US Airlines normally update their available seats around 12a.m. Eastern time daily. Weekend specials are usually released Thursday night. So late Thursday night is a good time to check for the best deals.
No-frills flights are always emptier (and cheaper) midweek, since few of their passengers are business travellers. If you must travel on the weekend, go Saturday to Monday instead of the ever-popular Friday to Sunday. Failing that, at least book your flight in the middle of the week, since airlines often raise fares late on Friday - then lower them again on Monday morning if popularity proved low.
Instead, travel on the 'shoulder periods' of June and September. Alternatively, there are some bargains in August if you can handle the heat. Cities such as Madrid, Paris and Venice can have great deals.
Rule 240
Created by the old Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) long before the days of airline deregulation. The rule clearly stated what an airline's responsibilities were to passengers in the event of a flight cancellation or delay.
It is important to note that Rule 240 was originally established in the United States. And deals with the obligations that an airline has to a passenger when his/her flights cancel or delay, or connecting flights are missed due to the actions of the airline. It does not include flight delays or cancellations that result from inclement weather or other factors that are outside of an airline's control.
Rule 240 has remained in existence because after deregulation most airlines continued to respect the 'old rules'.
Rule 240 mandated that an airline facing a delayed or cancelled flight had to transfer you to another carrier if
1) The second carrier could get you to your destination more quickly than the original line and
2) It had available seats. In pre-deregulation days, all the big U.S. airlines adhered to this practice.
IconFlights Cancelled, Delayed and Rule 240 as defined at
If your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 2 Hours: - An airline must deliver you to your destination within two hours of the originally scheduled flight time. If the airline can not, it must make arrangements for you on another carrier at no additional cost. If there is no acceptable flight on the original or alternative carrier airline, you are entitled to a full refund (even if you have a non-refundable ticket).
This is great when a plane breaks down, you just go up to the ticket agent and politely ask to be put on another flight as soon as possible -if and when they inform you that they cannot, then tell them you wish to invoke Rule 240 - they know what it is as it is required during their training through the airlines. I would recommend that you carry a printed copy of your airlines Rule 240, so you can reference it if needed.
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Delayed Luggage
You have arrived, but your luggage is not appearing on the baggage carousel. Eventually, as the crowd drifts away, you realise that your suitcases have gone astray. To ensure that you can get your bags back as quickly as possible - on average 85% of missing bags are traced and delivered to the passenger within 48 hours - report missing luggage to the airline before you leave the airport. Some airlines will not process a claim for delayed baggage if you do not do so. You will need your luggage receipt, and you will also need to complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) at the same time.
A Female passenger arriving at London Airport couldn't find her luggage at the airport baggage area. Going over to the lost luggage office she told the woman there that her bags never showed up. The Lost Luggage Officer smiled and told her not to worry because they were trained professionals and she was in good hands. "Now," she asked, "Has your plane arrived yet?"
At this point, some airlines will give passengers money for necessities. Other airlines may issue a "necessities kit". If you have to buy clothes or other items to get by, keep your receipts. Finally, it is best to make your claim in writing, and within the strict time limits.
Scuba Diving
From coral reefs, fishes and colorful varieties of sea creatures, you can truly enjoy the experience of a diving adventure.
The world is worth seeing
Travel books are good for the initial "big picture" trip planning, but not for the details. Through our pages we try to bring you a taste of the Exotic.
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