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One of the most important things about the World Wide Web is that it is a well interlinked set of things. Websites don't thrive in isolation, but are interconnected via a set of well-made links. Ideally the Internet should be composed of a multitude of good websites which all link well to each other.
A typical average website consists of a small number of pages which don't link very well and are almost never linked to anyone else of relevancy. In contrast, Breakaway's website is a particularly good example of how this is done, because not only are there thousands of high quality pages which link together, but each of the pages typically provides a number of good quality links to highly relevant pages on other sites.
We like to add links at this site, even though it's actually quite difficult to keep up with the amount of work involved. If you know of a particular site that would add value to a specific page, please eMail or write in and tell us which page you think the link should be on. (Don't forget to mention the actual web address of the link!)
Breakaway's website is spectacularly good for this by having a persistent deep linking policy, so that you can link TO any page that is relevant to your content with confidence that the link will still work, not only next month, but also next year! This is how websites should be, although it has been noticed that some well-known websites have not quite yet understood this.
We can't guarantee being able to add a link to any particular site section, various possible reasons including the incongruous nature of that webpage, the browser-incompatibility of it, various other issues, and/or the total workload here which always appears to exceed the staffing level by at least 100%. A special case of linking is where both sites decide that the other one is well worth linking to. This is known as reciprocal linking, but the whole idea has fallen into some disrepute because of bulk sending of reciprocal linking requests, automated link systems, and other problems associated with Search Engine Obfuscation and cheating. If you spot any sites in the sections titled "Reciprocal Links" which aren't honestly linking back to us as they promised, please let us know!
We like to give reciprocal links, and the best way to do this is to link to our pages if they are relevant to your content in the confidence they will remain there, then tell us where you've linked to us from, asking for a reciprocal link, and then apply the aforementioned extreme patience to give us a chance to return the compliment. The best time to ask for a link is at a patient interval prior to the publishing of a new Issue of the site, but as no-one can be sure when a new Issue is about to be published, that is quite difficult to make a good guess with any accuracy. A good substitute for this is putting in a link request and just being very patient!
Listed below are a few rules regarding our link pages and our linking policies.
The audience for our site are English speaking, so please post your Description and Title in English.
All foreign language sites can now be listed on our Foreign Language section of our Links Directory only
If your Description or Title is not a readable sentence but is loaded with keywords then your site will not be approved.
We do not require links on a reciprocal basis but reciprocating does gets you perks like the removal of 'nofollow' tags and listing higher on the page.
We limit links to one link per domain in our Directories - (free servers such as Geocities and AOL are exempt).
We limit links to one link per domain in our Guides Sections providing the link is relevant to that country. The link maybe provided on our Services page of that country.
It will be at Breakaway's discretion whether additional links are provided within the Countries covered and the locations of said links.
We reserve the right to edit, add or remove categories as necessary, if we feel your link is in the incorrect category we may move it to another more appropriate category.
The web sites and pages must have original content that we deem valuable to our visitors.
The web sites and pages must consist of more than affiliate links.
The web sites and pages must not redirect the user to other pages.
The web sites and pages must not be under construction.
Please do not use phrases such as "recommended by" on our link as this is misleading and implies a recommendation of your services or product from the Breakaway Group
The web sites or pages must not, in our sole discretion, be offensive or illegal.
The web sites and pages must not contain images of under-age or possibly under-age persons (child pornography)
The web sites and pages must not promote hate
The web sites and pages must not promote illegal activity
The web sites or pages must not, in our sole discretion, contain too much advertising.
The web sites and pages must contain significantly more content than ads
The web sites and pages must not contain excessive pop-ups or pop-unders
We use an automatic link checking robot to check your back links (links from you to us) on a monthly basis via Google, a Google submission of your site is done when you submit your link.
The order of listing on the links pages is by sites linking to us first and ordered by a page quality algorithm or robot uses. We can't change the order just for you, so please don't ask, but if you'd like to buy advertising please get in touch with our webmaster
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