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Breakaway is a colorful site providing comprehensive resources on travel, holiday and wildlife
'Golden Lands and Faraway Places' for both the Young and Old
Breakaway Focus's on all aspects of Travel.
We are the Travel Specialists committed to reporting the 'Absolute Best Value' for your vacation dollars!
♦ Breakaway Reports on:
♦ The Currency, Hotels, The Weather, Restaurants and Entertainment
♦ Where peoples of all origins, ethnic groups and abilities are welcome.
♦ Special interest is placed on the culture, wildlife and reserves of the countries you want to visit.
Q: What kind of site is is a private site developed and maintained. Here you will find information on the Countries, Cities, Resorts and wildlife of the regions you wish to visit.
♦ We provide information on travel and tourism which includes 'Travel for the Disabled'
♦ Through our site we have included a button that will provide vital information for all those who suffer from any disability. This explains the best way to travel and stay. Where disabled facilities are provided giving the disabled the ability to do things for themselves
♦ We also list holidays for all disabilities and what to expect on arrival
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