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"Breakaway is the most comprehensive resource to 'Golden Lands and Faraway Places'. This official website by your preferred travel expert, promotes responsible travel. It emphasizes the importance of a deeper cultural understanding, creating genuine benefits to local people and their communities, together with the preservation of the environment, and ultimately a more peaceful and equitable world." "This site is meant to inspire you to see as much of our wonderful world as you can in your life time, and dedicated to providing clients with the best travel experience available."
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Millions of travellers from over 217 countries trust Breakaway Guides and it's Website to provide accurate and informative information on Holidays & Travel to Golden Lands and Faraway Places.
Travel books are good for the initial "big picture" trip planning, but not for the details. Travel publishers estimate that one-third of travel listings change yearly (printed guides lose their usefulness after a short period of time). The restaurants, nightlife change frequently, the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower, Grand Palace are not going anywhere. Through our pages we try to bring you a taste of the Exotic. Through our network of affiliates, we provide luxury travel experience through knowledgeable personalized service and professional planning. Breakaway is dedicated to providing our clients with the best travel experience available. " is a free website". Please help us keep it that way Please be generous -- send us some money. We provide the ability to search hundreds of Sites, Hotels Worldwide, Car Hire/Lease Sites, Insurance Sites & Travel Sites to give you the widest possible choices.'s web site is best viewed with 'JavaScript' enabled. works hard to ensures that no scripting on this site will harm your system.
Our site was founded in 1992 to act as an unbiased third party advocate for the traveling public in finding the most fulfilling and appropriate travel experience for their individual budgets and desires. Breakaway has enjoy a growing reputation in the travel industry, drawing on our extensive knowledge, experience and attention to the holiday and travel needs of our visitors.
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