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Found something in my websites that you need to correct or update? This article provides you the details of how to go about it.
First of all, I want to thank all the countless people who have helped me by contributing their input all those years in helping me develop my travel websites. Due to your voluntary input, I have been able to make available useful information on a growing number of places around the world. I created my travel websites so that travel information can be freely shared with fellow travelers and travel enthusiasts.
Travelers and travel enthusiasts are welcome to contribute their input, on a voluntary basis, in correcting and updating the information found on my travel websites, which include Breakaway Destination Guides and all its related sites. Without your help, it would be difficult for me to maintain the accuracy and currentness of the information.
All input should be sent to our webmaster::
Type of Input
This travel website is not a travelogue. I am not writing to document my travels, and similarly, submissions about your travels cannot be used. Breakaway's Travel Sites provides travel information, descriptions of places, informing people about what's there to see, how to get there, and so on. Examples of input which I would appreciate include opening times of a specific attraction, information of climate and weather, train/plane schedules, toll charges, taxi fare, highway/streets.
The information appearing in Breakaway's Destination Guides and its related site is provided in good will and good faith that it is as accurate as I can get it to be, at the time of writing. The information is researched by me, with input submitted by readers. If you wish to use or follow the tips offered, I would recommend that you double check. Please update me if you find anything outdated. Your input will help the next traveler using the information.
Writing Whole Pages is not able to receive full-length travel articles. I prefer to write all the articles myself, so that they can all follow a similar format. Readers who are familiar with my style will know where to find the information they need. Much of the joy I derive from creating is from doing the research and in personally writing each and every article.
Proposing an Article
You may only submit input to pages that have already been written. If you have information on a destination or attraction that has not yet appeared in, please feel free to write and propose that I consider writing about the place. I will then put it in my schedule to research and write about it, after which you can submit related input.
I have readers writing to me, expressing interest to help me translate their favorite sections of my websites into other languages. I am pleased to receive your translations and will hold them, linked to the original article. However, as I am often very busy, please allow me time to work on the uploading.
Please refer to our Copyright and Disclaimer
Submitting Photographs
You cannot submit photos directly to me. In order for me to consider using your photograph, you need to provide me the URL of the photograph. If your photograph is used, it will be caption with your username, and the license it carries.
Attribution and Crediting
By default I do not acknowledge on the page any input provided by readers. The information appears as it does in a wiki. However under specific instances and circumstances, I do acknowledge the source, and I will also acknowledge you as the contributor, at the bottom of the page, if you specify that your input requires acknowledgment. If you are a noted celebrity or an authority in a particular area, please let me know, so that in my update, I will specify it accordingly.
If you are providing input that you derive from a copyrighted source, you should inform me of the source. You should not submit input to me by copying text word-for-word from copyrighted travel guides.
Use of Input
I cannot guarantee that all input will be used.
Comments Section
Breakaway Destination Guides has no comments section because I feel this make the pages become too long. As a result, readers looking for contributor input has to scroll through often poor-quality babble to find details useful to them. I prefer to keep each page concise and within a manageable length. Finally, I have avoided a comment section as it exposes my websites to spams and abuses.
Once again, I thank you for all the input and contribution to my travel websites, and I look forward to receiving more of them in the future.
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