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Asia is one of the best places in the world to travel independently. With excellent transport connection, hotels of all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Asia is a cross-roads
The finest safaris, however, are not simply those that provide the thrill of seeing wildlife, but those that explore the whole ecosystem and capture the true spirit of the African wilderness. Animal-watching excursions are best when they include parks and reserves that are not crowded and offer more of a feeling of being in the bush. To truly become an integral part of the safari, it is important to include reserves that also allow travelers to slow down from viewing in a vehicle, and to participate in activities such as walking, boating and canoeing.
The Okavango Delta, Botswana
This is the world's largest inland delta. It is formed where the Okavango River empties onto a swamp in an endorheic basin in the Kalahari Desert, where most of the water is lost to evaporation and transpiration instead of draining into the sea.
Halong Bay
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
The Bay's water is clear during the spring and early summer. Some of the islands are quite large and there are small alcoves with sandy beaches where swimming is possible. Ha Long bay lies in the northeastern part of Vietnam and is 165 Km from Hanoi.
Birds of Paradise
Birds of Paradise Adventure, Papua/New Guinea
These birds are best known for the plumage of the males, in particular highly elongated and elaborate feathers extending from the beak, wings or head. Males put their bright colors and unusual ornaments to good use when they display for females. Their elaborate dances, poses, and other rituals accentuate their appearance and put on a phenomenal show for both female birds and any humans lucky enough to be in the vicinity.
Whale Sharks
Swimming with Whale Sharks
More like a whale than a shark, these fish are right at the top of most divers "To do..." lists. While some people are intimidated by its size, the whale shark is actually a gentle giant keen to avoid confrontations and generally trusting of humans. As for etiquette when diving with whale sharks, passive interaction is the best policy.
Whale watching
Whale watching
Wildlife and nature play a large part in so many of our holidays. Seeing whales in the wild is one of the top 10 things most people want to do during their lifetime. Scanning the water, waiting to hear a blow or see a dorsal fin, is one of the top wildlife experiences in the world.
Hot Air Ballooning
Taking a hot air balloon flight over the countryside will leave you in awe. A sunrise and sunset balloon flight is one of the most breathtaking of all, where you will see the light change and the whole landscape take on a completely different aura. Hot air balloon rides are one way of finding yourself at one with nature and seeing the world from a bird's eye view.
Train Travel
Luxuary Train Travel
Luxury Trains includes a stylish collection of international travel experiences aboard the most glamorous and elegant trains around the world.
Lucuary Islands
Luxuary Islands
All of these private islands are similar in their casual style and stunning locales, but their focus and amenities vary. The concept of island ownership has recently seen a spectacular rise in the media, leading an increasing number of people to consider whether it's possible to turn dream of island ownership into their own reality.
Luxuary Yachts
Luxuary Yachts
Magnificent, majestic, royal, breathtaking, and graceful luxury yachts. Some of these super-yacht are used exclusively by their private owners, others are operated all year round as charter businesses, and a large number are privately owned but available for charter part time.
Le Train Bleu Restaurant
Le Train Bleu Restaurant - The Famous Le Train Bleu Restaurant in Paris, France.
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