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Oceania Introduction by Breakaway
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OCEANIA, the smallest continent, is one of the most diverse and fascinating areas on the planet. Collectively it then combines all of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, as well as the thousands of coral atolls and volcanic islands of the South Pacific Ocean, including the Melanesia and Polynesia groups. Oceania also includes Micronesia, a widely scattered group of islands that run along the northern and southern edges of the Equator.
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What to See (Natural Sights)
Flag Kakadu National Park - Beautiful wetlands with plentiful wildlife and Aboriginal rock art, where the film 'Crocodile Dundee' was filmed.
Flag Great Barrier Reef - The world's largest reef which stretches along the Queensland coast for 2,000 km (1,250 miles) offers great diving.
Flag Sydney - Australia's oldest and largest city, bustling with museums, galleries and varied styles of architecture.
Flag Uluru (Ayers Rock) - Huge red rock rises out of the plain to a height of 340m (1,140ft) that changes color at dawn and dusk. Don't climb the rock it is a spiritual site for the Aborigines.
Flag Shark Bay - Where the first Europeans first landed in Australia. The bay is known for its fine beaches and Monkey Mia's friendly dolphins, which swim with humans and take food from their hands.
Flag Swim with Dolphins -- Swim with Dolphins in the Bay of Plenty New Zealand.
Flag Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 islands with a unique blend of intact tribal communities, resorts, beaches and geography ranging from accessible volcanoes to pristine underwater environments, offering unique and memorable experiences.
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Foreign Embassies in Oceania
Australian High Commission 72 Hobson Street. Thorndon 6011, New Zealand.
Telephone: (04) 473 6411
UK in New Zealand 44 Hill Street Wellington 6011.
Telephone: (+64) (4) 924 2888
US Embassy New Zealand 29 Fitzherbert Terrace, Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand
UK in PNG Sec 411 Lot 1 & 2. Kiroki Street. Waigani. Port Moresby
Telephone: (+675) 325 1677 Office hours
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Country Tips
flag Bougainville Island has recently emerged from a period of separatist conflict. You must provide notice of your intention to visit the island to the Bougainville Provincial Administration (Telephone: +675 973 9798), and must contact the Administration again upon arrival. The mountainous area in central Bougainville around the old Panguna mine is a 'No Go Zone'. You should not enter the 'No Go Zone'. Foreigners who have entered the Zone without authorization from the PNG Government have been questioned, some for many days, by PNG authorities and had their passports withheld on departure from the Zone.
Scuba Diving
From coral reefs, fishes and colorful varieties of sea creatures, you can truly enjoy the experience of a diving adventure.
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The Twelve Apostles, Australia
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