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With all the site providing hotel information out there, why did we feel that it is necessary for Breakaway to include this segment on 'Selected Hotels' in the areas covered in 'Golden Lands and Far Away Places'? While looking for a holiday hotel for my wife and myself, I found it very frustrating not to have the information readily available once I had selected a hotel. Why is it necessary to provide dates, information etc. prier to finding a tentative pricing. (I have always booked my hotels and pay when in the country visited - See more......)
Breakaway Africa
The African continent has something for everyone, from the most hard bitten adventurer to the most discerning connoisseur of food and wine.
The Far East is synonymous with fragrant spices and ancient temples, gentle smiles and exotic culture. To stay in luxury in the Far East is to experience a little slice of paradise.
The Europeans enthusiastically embrace fine dining, good wine, gracious surroundings and exemplary service. This is a land of refinement, with a history that weaves a wonderful tapestry across time.
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North America
Hardly any other region in the world holds claim to such diversity, snow capped mountain peaks, quaint fishing villages, cactus studded desert, soul soothing turquoise seas. It would take a lifetime of travels to experience it all.
Enjoy views over the white sand under high palms, a gentle sea, the black line of the reef far out and moonlight over everything.
Exotic Islands
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Special Custom Travel
It can be scary to venture into the world, but when planning a trip, make sure you are prepared for any spontaneous inspirations while exploring the planet. Explore new places, meet new people, try new foods and learn things about the world and yourself - that you never imagined were possible.
Scuba Diving
From coral reefs, fishes and colorful varieties of sea creatures, you can truly enjoy the experience of a diving adventure.
The world is worth seeing
Travel books are good for the initial "big picture" trip planning, but not for the details. Through our pages we try to bring you a taste of the Exotic.
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For all those little tip that help make any holiday enjoyable
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