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Selected German Hotels
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Park Hotel Bremen - Bremen
Traditional and beautiful, Park Hotel Bremen, is situated at the amazing large park Bürgerpark and the romantic lake Hollersee. With its perfect combination of a country idyll and city life, and a distinguished hospitality, the hotel guarantees an unforgettable stay.
Residenz Heinz Winkler
Taste as the maxim, pleasure in all its variations and service ranking amongst the best in Germany. An absolute must in the restaurant.
Hotal Bad Schachen - Germany
Since the days of Napoleon, Bavaria has reached to the shores of the lake and thus embraces the exquisite island town of Lindau. Dating back to pre-Roman times, Lindau owes its present character and charm as much to its eventful past as to its geographical position between Munich and Zurich, Innsbruck and Strasbourg. An idyllic vacation resort, Lindau also hosts numerous congresses and every year welcomes the Nobel prize winners.
German Hotels
Scuba Diving
From coral reefs, fishes and colorful varieties of sea creatures, you can truly enjoy the experience of a diving adventure.
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