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Europe is conventionally considered one of the seven continents. It is the world's second-smallest continent in terms of area, and is only just larger than Australia. It is the third-largest continent, in terms of population (Asia and Africa are larger) with a population of more than 705,000,000, about 11% of the world's population.
Boasting a host of unique and fascinating destinations, Europe is a continent that offers something for everyone, from its rich history and diverse culture to its beauty, recreational opportunities, amazing entertainment, and incredible attractions. From the beautiful Mediterranean to countries steeped in history and culture, you will find plenty.
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What to See (Natural Sights)
Portugal FlagAlgarve, Portugal - Portugal's southern coastline is known for its popular beaches and colorful cliffs.
Scottish FlagScottish Highlands - Explore the haunting beauty of the mountains, valleys and lochs.
Iceland FlagIceland - A volcanic wonderland of hot springs, waterfalls and vast glaziers.
France FlagCamargue, France - Rich wetlands famous for it flamingos and wild white houses.
Switzerland FlagAlps - Romantic beauty of jagged outcrops in Europe's highest mountain range.
FlagGreek Islands - These Greek islands, dotted across the Aegean Sea, offer sandy beaches, ancient ruins and hot nightlife.
What to See (Cultural Sights)
Spain Flag Alhambra Granada, Spain - A Moorish Palace, justifies the inscription upon its gate 'Nothing in life could be more cruel than to be blind in Granada'
France Flag Louvre, Paris, France - The world's largest art museum, most famous for its Renaissance masterpieces, Leonardo da Vinci's enigmatic Mona Lisa and classical treasures, like the Venus de Milo
Italy FlagDuomo, Florence, Italy - Brunelleschi's vast octagonal dome and Giotto's bell tower make this beautiful cathedral the crowning achievement of Florentine architecture
Italy FlagColiseum, Rome, Italy - The imperial Roman capital's atmospheric amphitheater, here bloody gladiatorial battles took place.
Vatican Flag Vatican - The Archives: the past & the present, A tour of the Archives amid frescoes and documents, Documented historical events, The archival fonds, The diplomatic' of the papal documents The Vatican School of Palaeography, Diplomatic' and Archives Administration, To study and consult publications. CD-ROM, DVDs, The laboratories, Collaboration projects and The staff.
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What to Do (Activities)
Scottish Flag Play Golf, Saint Andrews, Scotland - Play on golf's most famous and oldest golf courses
England FlagWest End, London - Take in a show at one of London's 50 theatres
Spain Flag Bullfights, Seville, Spain - The season runs from Easter through the summer with the Feria de Abril being a high point in the festivities.
Italy Flag Venice, Italy - A gondola is the best, romantic and most expensive way to glide around this enchanting city criss-crossed by canal.
Switzerland Flag Matterhorn, Switzerland - A unique exhilarating climbing challenge for the fit with great skiing nearby.
Germany Flag Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Germany - Attend a concert by Europe's top classical orchestra
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From coral reefs, fishes and colorful varieties of sea creatures, you can truly enjoy the experience of a diving adventure.
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