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It a good idea to check out the wine of the area
Places of Interest
The name "Malaysia" was adopted in 1963 when the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo and Sarawak formed a 14-state federation. However the name itself had been vaguely used to refer to areas in Southeast Asia prior to that.
The joy of new experience is the most wonderful thing about travel, and new experiences are free. Walk the streets of a city. Stop and chat with a local. People watch in a public parks. Climb to the top of a hill and watch the sun set over the ocean. The simple joy of being in a new place is just a matter of going someplace new.
It is not down in any map; true places never are.
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Kuala Lumpur:
More popularly known as "K.L." the capital of Malaysia. An interesting of East and West where soaring skyscrapers and sweeping highways contrast with Moorish archways and minarets and Colonial buildings of a bygone era. Of particular interest are the Post Office, Government Buildings and Padang, Petaling street in Chinatown and the famous domed railway station. Close to the city are rubber plantations, tin mines, the worlds largest pewter factory at Selangor and the sacred Batu caves.
KL skyline
Petronas Towers, the world's tallest buildings, are the centrepiece of Malaysia's ultramodern skyline
Only a few miles off Malaysia's West coast is the revered "Pearl of the Orient". Nearly half a million people live in Penang, most of them in the fascinating port city of Georgetown. Penang boasts perhaps the best beaches on Malaysia's West coast, the most famous of which is Batu Feringghi. formerly known as "Prince of Wales Island" by the British, Penang is 15 miles by 10 miles. Small though this may sound, the 45 mile drive around the island is a 4 hour one. The island boasts dense tropical forest, paddy fields, kampong village houses perched precariously on stilts, rolling hillsides rising to over 2000 feet and covered with plantations of exotic spices and tea.
The island is a day tripper's paradise many sights a short drive from our featured hotels. Visit the snake temple; Kek Lok Si with its unique 7 tier pagoda and the tallest Kwan Yn statue of Malaysia; ascend the 2270 foot funicular railway of Penang hill for superb views of Georgetown or perhaps sample the colonial past, temples, bazaars and Chinese shop houses of Georgetown by a trundling trishaw.
Situated midway between Singapore and Thailand, Kuantan the state capital of Pahang province is little spoilt by tourism and is an ideal retreat for those in search of relaxation. This is not surprising since it offers miles of clean beautiful sandy beaches like the popular Telok Chempedak. To the North at Chendor Beach between May and September, giant leather back turtles lumber ashore to lay their eggs. The area is home of many arts and crafts. You will find kite makers, brocade weavers, batik and silverware. From November to February, the area is affected by the monsoon and rain can be prolonged and sea unsettled.
Summer Palace
Langkawi Summer Palace
A cluster of 99 islands, most of them uninhabited, 30 kilometres off the coast of Western peninsular Malaysia. Known as the "Isles of Legends" where nearly every landmark has a marvellous legend behind it. Discover the "Lake of the pregnant Maiden", the "Beach of Black Sand" and the "Field of Burnt Rice". Still relatively remote and unspoiled, Langkawi's many caves lagoons and inlets make it ideal for those in search of the ultimate in tropical beauty away from the crowds.
In the midst of the Straits of Malacca lies the unspoiled isle of Palau Pangkor. Well off the tracks of mass tourism, Pangkor is reached by a 4 hour road and 30 minute ferry journey from "K.L." or Penang. Pristine silver seas, secluded bays and simple fishing villages dot the coastline, while coconut palms provide a cloak of green, alive with exotic birds, monkeys and tropical flowers. Not just an island for romantics and castaways, since you will find a good selection of water-sports, 9 hole golf course and an excellent hotel.
Coral Crab
As if dropped out of paradise Tioman Island is perhaps one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Portrayed as the enchanted island of Bali Hai in the movie "South Pacific". Just 39 kilometres long and 19 kilometres wide, the island is large by Malaysian standards. Its towering volcanic peaks are clothed in thick,impenetrable jungle, trees of immense height and are home to exotic flora and fauna.
Tioman Island
Dotted along the shores are beaches of pale golden sand fringed with coconut palms and casuarinas. An ideal retreat from life' pressures. Due to the monsoon between November and February, the weather and sea can be unsettled and travel is not recommended.
Malaysian beach
Cameron Highlands:
A 4 hour drive from "K.L." the Cameron Highlands reach an altitude of 1500-1800 meters. A popular retreat by the British in colonial times. In fact the area was only discovered in 1885 by William Cameron, Government Surveyor. Here are one of the worlds largest tropical rain forests, spectacular waterfalls, giant tree fern, tea plantations and an indigenous population dating back some 7000 years who still hunt with blowpipes and poison darts.
Taman Negara National Park:
At reputedly 130 million years, the Park holds possibly the oldest untouched tropical rain forest, older than the Amazon and the Congo. It is a startling example of the graciousness of nature with an abundance of exotic wildlife and vegetation. A 3 hour boat ride past jungle villages, through falls and rapids, just to get there is guaranteed to thrill. Soft adventure at its best. Due to monsoon, the park is closed 15-November to 15-January.
Malaysian Borneo: Two states, Sarawak and Sabah, make up the Malaysian portion of Borneo (shared with Indonesia). Far less developed than the peninsula, Malaysian Borneo offers both land and sea adventures in the form of scuba diving, sea kayaking, jungle trekking and animal watching. The island is home to Mt Kinabalu, the highest peak in South East Asia (4,101 meters), as well as the world-renowned Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Centre.
Separated from the peninsular by the South China Sea lie the states of Sabah and Sarawak. Ancient jungles flourish and various tribes exist as they have done for eons. Sabah Boasts Mt Kinabalu National Park, coral islands and the fascinating Orang-Utan sanctuary at Sandakan. Whilst in Sarawak it is the Dyak "long houses", Iban tribes along the Skrang River that hold fascination. In contrast, both boast good beaches.
One of the oldest towns in the country it has been colonized by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. Essential sightseeing includes the Cheng Hoon Teng Dutch Stadhuys, Porta De Santiago and St Pauls Church.
Malaysia "The body pays for a slip of the foot, and gold pays for a slip of the tongue"
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