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The Far East is all things to all people. The region is without doubt the most indulgent and the most exotic of any. No other area in the world conjures up such romantic and sensational images. Balmy evenings, spectacular scenery, beautiful beaches, buzzing cities and exotic cuisine the Far East can offer something to all visitors. The combination of ancient traditions and temples with modern buildings and technology makes the Far East a fascinating region to explore.
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What to See (Natural Sights)
China Flag Guilin, China - Ethereal mountain peaks loom out of the mist along the Li River.
Philippines Flag Banaue, Philippines - Spectacular rice terraces constructed 2,000 years ago.
What to See (Cultural Sights)
Cambodia Flag Angkor Wat, Cambodia - Visit the tree-entwined temples of the ancient Khmer empire.
China Flag Forbidden City, Beijing, China " For centuries hidden from public view, The Forbidden City is the largest imperial palace complex in the world.
Japan Flag Tokyo, Japan " This stimulating, vibrant and vital city is an ultra-modern cultural trill.
What to Do (Activities)
China Flag Great Wall of China - Take a walk along this 2,000 year old defense wall.
China Flag Shanghai's Acrobats - Gape at the feats of contortion and balance.
Laos Flag Eat Scorpions, Laos - The taste is somewhat like potato crisps.
Thailand Flag Ko Tao, Thailand - Learn to scuba dive in the crystal clear waters with visibility of 40m (130ft)
Indonesia Flag Bali, Indonesia - Soak up the sun on black sandy beaches.
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From coral reefs, fishes and colorful varieties of sea creatures, you can truly enjoy the experience of a diving adventure.
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Halong Bay, Vietnam, Asia
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