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It a good idea to check out the wine of the area
Those Beautiful Lady-boy
Thailand is famous for its lady-boys (katoey), men who dress and behave as women. These sometimes look incredibly realistic to the downfall of many male Western tourists.
Beware! [Lady-boys called katoey in Thai]
Just what is a famous Thailand lady-boy? Any visitor to Thailand will at some stage during their trip, come across a lady-boy. They work in spas and behind shop counters. Some hotels employ them as receptionists, others are found as waitress' or managing restaurants. And many are also found in the bar scene.
The Beautiful Thai Lady-boy
The Thailand lady-boy/katoey (transvestite/transsexual) community is huge, since there is no shame or sigma attached. It's not unusual to see groups of schoolboys heading home from school and one will be wearing woman's makeup.
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Lady-boys and Katoeys are deceptively good looking, and for some reason many of them are tall. So you have these silk skinned, tall, athletic looking females in tantalising clothing, who are rather forward. As a tourist you'll have no chance of spotting a lady-boy/katoey until it is too late. So arm yourself first if you do not want that. In fact lady-boys/katoeys are so generally known as beautiful that they are considered 'THE experts' in makeup and beauty and often work in these fields. They also have a monopoly on cabaret dancing and showgirl positions.
Funnily many woman consider it a compliment if you ask if they are a ladyboy, unless you ask a model, then she will likely be insulted. So how do you spot a katoey/ladyboy? Experience. The five o'clock shadow is the biggest giveaway that many tourists miss, but you'll get better over time.
The Beautiful Thai Ladyboy
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