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It a good idea to check out the wine of the area
Japanese Sex Clubs, Gaijin only
Some sex clubs in Japan do not allow foreigners, some do. Actually most sex clubs in Japan do not allow foreigners e.g. white people.
So how will you know which ones you can go to? How do I know where I can go without embarrassing myself each time?
The exclusion of foreigners is because they've have had far too many problems with Gaijin. And not all Gaijin are "white" Club owners of these clubs just don't want to have to handle the problems many foreigners create. So most Gaijin are not allowed. You can get into some of these clubs if you know and are introduced by a Japanese male friend.
Try to go when they are not busy. They are more likely to be amenable to foreign guests on a slow night. After all, it's a business and your money is better than no money.
The customary way to gain entrance into a sex club if you are a gaijin is to give the doorman an omeyagi...this is a souvenier gift that can gain the respect of the recipient. A simple box of chocolates or hello kitty chain cell phone accessory will be suffice. Most doormen are suckers for the cell phone accessories.
Bring a male friend or become friends with some of the girls that work there. If you have a good "gaijin" look then it shouldn't be too hard, and she can escort you in, no one will give you problems!
When you arrive at a club, more than likely a couple of Japanese doormen will escort you and your friend inside. The Sex Club's arrangement will be a little like a mini circular auditorium, with the stage located in the center and seating set around the stage in descending levels.
If you want unusual entertainment, Tokyo's the place to be.
Most Strip Clubs in the US and France have women dancing on stage and in private booths (sometimes they do a little more than just dance). But in Japan, men actually have sex on stage right in front of all the other patrons.
It's a little of a culture shock, instead of watching a porno on TV, instead of watching actors, you're actually watching businessmen having sex.
So! What exactly goes on in thes places?
Old businessmen take turns winding their way to the stage and having sex with the strippers, while everyone watches. They don't have to worry about their performance, because once they've finished, everyone applauds no matter what they do.
In extreme cases (usually the older men), sex toys have to be used to stimulate the man. If that does not work, then the strippers will use some kind of heated liquid which they pour over the man's penis to stimulate an erection. 'A really interesting site to see' The poor man, usually can't help but feel embarrassed when he can't "perform", but everyone will keeps cheering.
(the man on stage, having problems, and his courage was beening recognized by thge rest of the men).
Instead of having sex, the shamed man will have his toe sucked by the stripper.
On stage, anything goes. In fact, the more unusual the position, the louder the applause from spectators. The five most common moves on stage are:
1. Oral Sex: You guessed it, the first thing on the list.
2. Sexual intercourse: This was the most common form of intercourse on stage.
3. Anal Sex: Very rare, but very popular with the spectators. You'll find the audience at the edge of their seats during these preformances.
4. Manual stimulation of the Vagina: Popular with the older men.
5. Toe sucking: Apparently, Japanese men are very stimulated by having a woman suck on their toes. Men consider it an honor that a woman gets intimate with their toes. Also very popular with older men.
Golden Lands, Asia Guides