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Golden Lands on the Web
Our website emphasizes the importance of a deeper cultural understanding, creating genuine benefits to local people and their communities, together with the preservation of the environment, and ultimately a more peaceful and equitable world.
This site is meant to inspire you to see as much of our wonderful world as you can in your life time, and dedicated to providing clients with the best travel experience available.
Whether you are looking for a family vacation, honeymoon, a cruise, or a tour we hope we can help you find just the right vacation. People watch in a public parks. Climb to the top of a hill and watch the sun set over the ocean. The simple joy of being in a new place is just a matter of going someplace new.
Golden Lands
From the game preserves of Kenya and Tanzania and the glorious islands of the Seychelles, the archaeological treasures of Ancient Egypt and the cultural diversity of Asia, each destination a departure point for your imagination to take flight.
Through our network of affiliates, we provide luxury travel experience through knowledgeable personalized service and professional planning. Breakaway is dedicated to providing our clients with the best travel experience available. We provide the ability to search hundreds of Sites, Hotels Worldwide, Car Hire/Lease Sites, Insurance Sites & Travel Sites to give you the widest possible choices.
Browse the pages of our Travel Lounge, Seek out the hidden gems hidden in the pages of our 'Golden Lands and Far Away Place' ™.
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Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving
From coral reefs, fishes and colorful varieties of sea creatures, you can truly enjoy the experience of a diving adventure.
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Romantic Travel
Breakaway's Romantic Travel
The joy of new experience is the most wonderful thing about travel, and new experiences are free. Walk the streets of a city. Stop and chat with a local.
Worth Seeing
The world is worth seeing
Travel books are good for the initial "big picture" trip planning, but not for the details. Through our pages we try to bring you a taste of the Exotic.
Travel Lounge
Travel Lounge
For all those little tip that help make any holiday enjoyable
I started this website in 1996 and have spent a lot of time redesigning the site to make it more user friendly, this is our latest offer. I hope that you find it appealing and easy to navigate
Over the years I have had a surprising increase of visitors seeking honest information about the areas they are looking to visit.
I have added a translator to each page so that each page may be converted into one of 71 different languages.
Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
Special Custom Travel
It can be scary to venture into the world, but when planning a trip, make sure you are prepared for any spontaneous inspirations while exploring the planet. Explore new places, meet new people, try new foods and learn things about the world and yourself - that you never imagined were possible.
Tourist Services
Providing tourist services
Breakaway's Price Comparisons segment is a useful services letting our users see the high and low price of any 'Flight, Hotel or Holiday' and allows for a much more comprehensive list.
Selected Hotels
Most travel plans usually begin with some off-hand online research about popular destinations, nifty packages, and glitzy hotel accommodations.
Holiday Search
With literally millions of cheap holidays to search and book online, Breakaway's Travel Search is the ideal place to find cheap Package Holidays and inexpensive Flights to destinations all over the world. Travel to Extraordinary Places.
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